works from 2017

Destruction of Gulliver


When i was a child, Gulliver’s stories were my favorites. The giant cross the seas and visits the land that lie beyond. He discovers other kinds of humans with others kinds of ways, and eventually gets tied to the ground by them. As there is many humans, there is many cultures, and sometimes , one culture tries to tie another one to the ground. That’s what happens in Nepal, when the traditional culture is under siege and is replaced: traditional puppets turns in little soldiers. The substitution goes with violence. The identity is wounded and the artist falls.

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The Lunch

History of human civilization shows that vulnerable-helpless people are always suppressed by the group/people who want to be in the center of power with the backing of so-called socio-cultural, political and religious faith as a neo civilization. Those who are ready to sacrifice their original socio-cultural and religious values, are allowed to be alive for neo civilization.

The voices raised against the neo civilization will cruelly be squeezed and their identity will be scattered in the name of so-called civilization, socio-cultural values and religion.

The assembly of minds in the affluent ground

They consistently will be sliced

Dumped on a chopping board of religion, culture and civilization

Will be chopped into pieces.

The voices that scream for freedom and self-existence will cruelly be squeezed

You will be torn into pieces

I will also be torn

We all will be in shreds.

Our identity will be scattered in a lifeless desert

Hitler’s’ monstrous hands, that once dismayed history

Will again clutch us perpetually

Once again by the command of Stalains

The ugly hands of fascist will wipe out our existence.

The razor-sharp teeth of the devious beast will rip off our flesh apart

We will be lined up for the sake of human existence

And be turned into ugly mannequins

In order to design yet another game

Of assumed human civilization

We may not agree with this mannequin civilization

Scarecrows will be erected in our yards to frighten us

By the new Hitlers and Stalins

They will turn us into mannequin beings

In the pages of history

Our existence will be portrayed as the era of mannequin beings

We will once again try to etch our identity in the bleak walls of the Ajanta.

The DaVincis will carry on preparing for the last supper

And Picasso will born again

The Guernica will be recreated

But all this will happen in an imaginary folk tale

Because this time the dark caves of Ajanta

Will be turned into the ruins of Nagasaki and Hiroshima

And even the fetus of DaVincis and Picasso will be slaughtered.

The Maze

The boarders, created with the backing of so-called socio-cultural, political and religious values, continuously suppress us. It makes our life more complicated like a maze, day by day. Though we are trying hard, it seems impossible to come out from these complications.

At the same time, the ones who create boarders are not affected.  It seems they are created only for vulnerable, helpless common people.

“The Maze” is the mirror of present. It is symbolic interactive art work which all can play.

The Ring

My artworks deal with the social, political and cultural intermingling in the modern times. I utilize local technical support, natural material or found objects. Sometime involving both the local artist and the artisan, I work with various themes and different techniques.
In my life, I experienced lots of political, cultural, social and natural disasters which caused me different emotions. I felt sadness and anger, in the same time there were moments of happiness and hope like light in the dark! After a while I realized, they were not just some personal feelings but through interlink of society most of the people have same sort of feelings.
In this project I am going to express these emotions and interlink of society.
My installation will contain some big rings {engagement rings, size 30inch diameter} made by stainless steel. On the top of each ring will be my own portrait { Raku } with different emotions. There will be sound installation of people’s real story facing disasters as well.
In this project jewelry makers, iron workers and raku artists will be involved.