works from year 2005-06


(Workshop Date: 16-30 August, 2006) :

Understand and connecting two versatile culture, tradition, thoughts, lifestyle and geographical surroundings into one realm was indeed a unique and introspective experience for me.

There is an obvious stylistic and conceptual difference between the Mithila art, folk art of Nepal, which is practiced in the tarai (low land) region and the contemporary art that I exercise. I got enthusiastically fuelled when I collaborated these two different extremes of arts; the harder it was to break these creative feelings into words.

In Mithila art the artist generally depicts ancient tales of gods and goddesses, incidents of daily lives, images of animals, birds, insects, fish etc. Design and patterns are the special features of such art forms.

My intention through this art work is to bring the various features of Mithila art through modern methods of painting to bridge the social and cultural gap. My primary concern while creating the art work was not to disrupt the authenticity of Mithila art that gives us the flavor of ancient city Janakpur. Therefore, I felt the essence of Mithila phenomena breathing inside my contemporary art even while I was creating it.

Exhibition date:18th Feb., 2005)

Art has a great amount of gravity, which is constantly satisfaction. This satisfaction is slowly growing into an absolute understanding of reality. And when this absolute understanding is attained, perhaps that attainment is what we know as enlightenment. In search of satisfaction, art has taken me closer to the elements of society. This is how I can touch them, play & speak with them, delve deep inside of them. This is how I relate my self with my surroundings. Streams of experiences & expressions begin to flow from the depth of eternity. This is when art becomes a medium to me.

Perhaps I can satisfy my present by limiting myself within a boundary, but I am scared of the future. I can only wish for a better tomorrow. A request, for a beautiful world …. I am requesting not for myself but for her …., them ….. for Suhanis.

A girl, weeping suddenly grasped my attention, while I was entering the school premise. Same incident happened next time again but the girl was different. I did not know the reason behind their sadness. Anyhow I was able to divert their mind in each time and I was immensely satisfied; deep down inside I felt victorious against some invisible & mysterious pain. But still I am surrounded by questions that rouse inside of me. I remember the suffering or the restless world.

I realized that my satisfaction is momentary. A joyful face in a disturbed world is merely my illusion. I abruptly start searching answer to the curious questions. Here, I realized- the innocence of children is slowly fading away, instead its being replaced by bitterness. The young ones are under pressure mentally and physical as well. If this is to go on then their future is under great threat.

The paintings of children are always authentic. They paint their surroundings in a unique & innocent way. They do that without any academic knowledge, yet their works look amazingly well composed. This is because of their instinctual creativity. Later, when they grow, their talent diminishes because of the conditioning by the society. And they have to learn again what they already knew as children.


I remember the dolls that I use to play with, when I was a child myself. Now I understand that I had an emotional relationship with my mute friends. When I look back I feel all those sentiments were natural. But I am concerned that the intimacy with my friends may subside, because of the present situation of the world.

If we could find the innocence & spontaneity of a child inside us, then I am sure that the world will be a blissful & a better place to live it.



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