works from year 2012

Melting Identity, the socio-cultural & Eco-geological Identity threat:

(work selected for Kathmandu International Art Festival 2012: Earth │Body│Mind)

Medium/Materials: Mix (paraffin wax, plaster of paris, ambulance lights, traditional clay tub (atal), iron, sound etc.)

A human torso melts in the heat like a glacier. Cast with paraffin wax into the form of a candle, placed on a traditional lotus-shaped clay tub, and kept continuously lit during the exhibit, its shape changes day by day, like the shapes of melting Himalayan glaciers.  Other torsos hold ambulance lights, a symbol of the emergency situation of global warming and climate change.

This artwork aims to raise awareness of global warming and draw parallels between threats to the earth and threats to the socio-cultural and eco-geological identities of the people who inhabit it.

Kali, “the feminine force”

(Work selected for The Woman Recreated Mosaic Project,
The Human Rights and Equity Offices of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Second Mosaic Tile G8)



All women have great energy to face time and bring changes in society, protect society from evil and spread love in world. In my work I took reference form Hindu Mythological character (goddess) Kali, which is associated with empowerment. Kāli is the Goddess of Time and Change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilator of evil forces still has some influence.

My painting is visually influence from Mithila art (folk art of Nepal).

Growing crystals on a real human being

ART LAB! by Yoko Shimizu (Japan) collaboration with Jupiter Pradhan (Nepal)
Live Streaming:
Date: 17 June, 2012
Duration: 12 hr.
Space: Chandong Art Studio, Changdong, Seoul, S. Korea

Asia Pacific Artist Fellowship residency program 2012

Changdong Art Studio, Changdong, Seoul, S. Korea

As I am interested in folk and traditional art and culture as well as alternative mediums, in this residency my project focus on local / traditional cultures, social and personal life experiences as well as  the socio-political issues. Where I am doing some research on visual similarities between Korean culture and Nepalese culture. I am trying to find out some traditional and cultural common objects, visually used in two cultures. And I am using these objects in my works as symbols to express my socio-political and cultural view. I am collecting the materials from 300 m. (approx.) surrounding of Chang-dong studio for my projects.

How much ? (performance)


Mr. Pig on the shrine

Spiritual Shrine is the Korean tradition culture, which was placed on the alter at homes where a member of the family had recently died. Placed on it was a piece of the garment, which was believed to contain the dead one’s spirit. Recently, paper and hemp have replaced the garment. (real size of h: 32 cm, l: 35, w: 24) Also in Nepal these kind of shrine is used for God & Goddess. In both culture, these are the very respectable religious things.

Here in my work I used this shrine as respectable political power. Where I placed 3 golden pigs to symbolize the politics. In Nepali culture Pigs are taken as dirty, lazy and ugly animal.
In Nepali politics 3 numbers becomes very important. We have 3 major political parties in Nepal and in each parties there are 3 main leaders. Likewise Nepalese politics is influenced by 3 international political powers.

And these powers are very much responsible for the present social, cultural and economical condition.


I am collecting the thought / view / reaction on Chill-i-n-Life (chill in life & chilli and life). For this I am using Facebook (social media) where people can share their life experience within one sentence.

Hit me & have a fun

interactive art
Material used: Thormocol shet, paper and wooden toothpick
size: 60 cm * 90 cm
Hit me & have a fun is an interactive art where everyone can ply dart game and enjoy. Here i am using my self-portrait made from thormocol sheet as a dart board. Everyone can hit the the portrait with darts made from paper and wooden toothpick. But no one can use same dart after heating the portrait. So the portrait will slowly cover with dart and the shape of the portrait will change respectively. Which symbolize the social, cultural and political incident which sometime  force use to change ourselves and sometimes  its slowly change us though it hurt us sometimes.


The News Box

Medium: Installation
Material used: thermocol, news paper, color bulbs, TV screen, DVD player, woodcut print and various materials used in daily life)

Size: 580 cm (aprox.) * 80 cm * 180 cm


………Life is like a News Box………. This art work is about the life experiences. Here I am using the things which became the part of my life in S. Korea. Like news paper, Makali (traditional wine) etc. Where the color lights remind me the colorful evening of Seoul.
The video chill-i-n-life! is about the one part of daily urban life.
Where the woodcut print is used as a visual similarity of Nepalese and Korean culture. Which symbolize the birth,  The birth of new urban culture.

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